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TINS – Ep. 6: Challenges of Being a Genius

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There is no spoon Episode 6

Being a genius has many benefits, but it also has many challenges. This talk is for those who may be extremely intellectually gifted, as well as their parents, and how my personal experience may help others.

The most difficult challenge, especially here, is doing everything you can not to be too much of a prick. There is a serious societal anger at people who believe they are better than others, and there’s always an implied, “So you think you’re better than me,” when discussing the topic.

So, I purposefully do my best to stick to the facts, and simply describe my story. The older you get, the more you realize how similar we all can be, and there are always ways in which we all struggle.

I hope that this talk benefits individuals in a constructive way and I delve into personal details which I hope may illustrate some points and help you avoid my mistakes.

Listen to it at 1.5x – 2x speed for the best experience. I spoke slowly often here to gather my thoughts.

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