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TINS – Ep. 3: Cosmic Web And the Human Connectome

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Today Rich took a look at the Cosmic Web and how related it is to the connectomes (connected neural pathways) of mice and humans.

There Is No Spoon is a weekly talk that balances the line between absurd genius and Mad-Hatter insane. The topics are often unusual, and are designed to spur imagination about possibilities rather than a 100% defined space. It’s where the kids go when they’re no longer afraid of failing, and simply imagine the possibilities of existence.

Rich also discussed parts from his book, “On Terran Liberty”, a 7 volume series coming where volume 2 is now available to read here:

Other parts: Cosmic Web intro: Superclusters first breakdown : Closeup galaxies in dark matter streams and potential neural transmission similarities:
Quick intro to On Terran Liberty, Volume 2:
Diving into Sol Star heliosphere and potential for global warming:
How this starts to relate to consciousness and potential for organizational principle for existence:
First discussions on Penrose microtubules, quantum field effects, Ant Man, similarities of quantum field effects in black holes and at the microtubule level in the human brain:
Universal emergent intelligence: Artificial intelligence, old religions, and potential end of material reductionism:
The thoughts with Sir Richard Penrose, my version of multi-dimensional intelligence, and Rodney Brooks that lead to: “Just like we need light from the stars and matter to access the energy within, likewise we need sensory setups to be able to access the world and create intelligence.”
Memresistors, neuromorphics, simulations and androids:
Beginning of summary:
Special thanks to Anton Petrov: