Sugey Graduates from Ben Franklin Techcelerator

By November 28, 2017 194 Comments
Ben Franklin Techcelerator Sugey

As co-founder of Sugey, the Fall 2017 class of the Central Pennsylvania Ben Franklin Techcelerator program finished recently and we did very well. While we did not finish 1st in the final voting of judges, we developed an amazing business plan with excellent customer research and feedback, and are ready for our next phase of business.

I wrote an extensive review of the techcelerator, so I won’t go into more depth.

For those thinking about applying to the program, I see no reason not to. Unless you are already in a Series A or something similar, it was a good use of time.

The greatest part in my mind was adding Alzheimer’s connection to the Sugey One platform. It was something we hasn’t considered, but after further customer research, it became quite clear that there was an enormous overlap. It opened up a whole new market of individuals we could help, and I look forward to leading that effort.

Thanks again to Ross, Dick and Steve, and we look forward to the future.


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