Unlife moves to 3D branding

Unilife’s visual branding for a number of years was simply pictures taken of its products. The problem with this is that often devices don’t cooperate, it limits your available advertising media, and constantly taking high quality photos of products becomes an enormous cost. I recognized this as a huge UX issue for our potential clients, who wanted to solve specific pain points with their products and couldn’t visualize well what we could provide. So, on my own, I took my 3D skills and offered to fix all of it.

Unilife wanted devices that looked better then reality, so that’s what my goal became.

Unilife never had a full stack 3d workflow at its company, so I set up a pipeline straight from their engineers to the marketing department, and ultimately for display through multiple mediums. This included professional animations and striking visual images for prospective clients.

To date, dozens of Unilife’s 3D product models have been seen on trade show booths around the world, their website, marketing brochures and materials, annual reports, industry magazines, and proprietary animations for clients. The ability to create high quality animations internally saved enormous costs, and helped raise the brand image of Unilife during my time there.