Unilife Corporation Website

I came into the Unilife web project as they were in the middle of another design. I told them why that design was good but not what they wanted really, and helped them craft a whole new identity.

I created wireframes and tested them using standard UX methodologies and came up with multiple variations. Ultimately after our design work, development featured a mobile first theme using Drupal 7, it contained some responsive design elements as well as a separate jQuery mobile web portal, making it one of only two companies in its industry to be mobile friendly at the time.

With such a visually rich site, 3D elements of all the devices were created using Cinema 4D and V-Ray. The site also had a separate Unilife.TV web portal created with the help of a 3rd party vendor.

Developed under an intense deadline with multiple design changes from Senior Executives at the last moment, the site suffered from what I would call a catastrophic funding issue right before launch. Nearly all of the development budget was slashed, and the media team necessary for proper maintenance of the site never materialized. The site is no longer the same as I built. However, I still feel what I accomplished, if properly implemented, wold have truly separated the Unilife brand from its competitors.