Unilife 2016 Website Upgrade

Unilife recently went through a lot of changes and needed to upgrade its website to match its new strategic initiatives. Since I am intimately familiar with the previous site, it made sense for me rebuild parts of it. So, I proceeded with the Unilife 2016 Website Upgrade.

There were over a dozen loading errors to start. Previous individuals working on it left poor coding and front-end integrations everywhere. There was a time crunch, so no time to put in a fully responsive site in place or to edit the mobile site. Broken bits of CSS all over the place needed fixing, and the Navbar showed its age visually. It was a great opportunity to go back and clean up a lot of mistakes that I ran out of time on before.

Some fixes on the Unilife 2016 Website

Without giving up too much proprietary information, let’s first focus on some fixes:

  • Fixed all the broken CSS, JS, broken modules/plugins, and other links.
  • Updated all the security settings, and re-hardened the system.
  • Rewrote the nav jQuery code.
  • Updated a ton of CSS styles.
  • Rebuilt numerous subsections.
  • Archived old content and added new content.
  • Redirected all the old aliases to the new content.
  • QA on entire site and re-launch

By the end of the process, this led to:

  • Increase in page loading times: 40%
  • Strategic business objectives met
  • Visual hierarchies established
  • 1 week of billed hours met

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the upgrade went. This was one of those projects I always wanted to go back and clean up, and I’m glad I had the change to do so. I feel Unilife got a great revamp at a great price, and I’m looking forward to a 2.0 project in the future.