securus systems design

Securus systems is a leading developer of integrated machine learning and artificially intelligent business systems. For their company launch, they wanted to make an impression to their target audience. We decided to give them a streaming video sequence like AirBnB, and make a mobile friendly design impact as well.

The first challenge was understanding the branding and image the company wanted to project. This obviously included cutting edge, but it also meant focusing on custom knowledge delivery, and the ability to adapt to each customer’s needs.

The technical challenge was that AirBnB protects their video streaming JS, and we had to come up with a solution that was compatible as far back as IE 8. This required IE8.css shims, and more.

Also, to create a mobile friendly version, we dropped the streaming video and put a static image in lieu of potential challenges with internet connections.

We’re excited that Securus Systems had a successful launch, and we look forward to their continued growth over the years!