hapnapp design and development

Hapnapp┬áis a side project I’m working on to create an event experience platform, and this is specifically about Hapnapp design and development. Based on my experiences in the non-profit sector as one of the co-founders of the Tommy Foundation, there really aren’t any low-cost good options for us to do our fundraising events. So, I decided to build my own.

I’m currently doing everything for the project. The Rails API is built, and finishing up the React.js front-end. However, at the start, I did over 5 rounds of wireframing and user testing to come up with this initial design and feature set. Through it, I discovered the need to change the design to something more fun, and to gamify the platform somewhat. I also ran a number of A/B tests on messaging to hone the copy. Before launch, I already have about 8000 twitter followers and hundreds on the email list.

I’m excited to launch Hapnapp later in 2016 and to get some more user feedback. I think people are going to take to a fun event platform.