Haller Enterprises React.JS Slide 1

The Haller Enterprises React.JS project was something I came into mid-project to help accelerate to completion the Repair flow views. The Sales flow is currently ready, and the Repair flow is still to be released, so I can only show you Sales which has similar, though not identical views.

My job was to implement the views in React.JS, Typescript, and GraphQL. To this point, I had no experience with Typescript short of a 2-day Angular course 4 years ago, so that was quite an adjustment. GraphQL was definitely a LOT different than the Redux Saga API setup I had before at BrandYourself. So, I had to learn those on the fly and help bring this to completion in 3.5 weeks.

We delivered on time.

The good part is that a bunch of logic was finished in other areas, and simply need to be ported with new Props and ActionTypes. Of course, there were plenty of areas that needed more custom logic, and a few of the views were completely new. Also, due to the nature of the setup, there were no Redux Devtools or React DevTools available to determine State or Props. It was quite a challenge to debug based on my previous experience.

I enjoyed the project thoroughly though and Haller Enterprises should be glad it had such a great team working on the project. I hope to see their project, which can easily scale to other companies, grow over time.