portal setup

Delinvest.TV was an enormous project to undertake for Delaware Investments, which is part of Macquarie Group.

The initial steps were to convince key stakeholders that a separate video portal was necessary. The financial sector is notoriously conservative, and it took awhile. From there, I organized the vendor selection process, with a final commitment to Vidyard, found with some extra help from the SEO team and their desire for serious analytics.

Afterwards, setting up the design was done by committee, so we compromised with the current design, though I preferred something more similar to HBO.go. I guided the system through a custom design implementation and transferring of all videos into our full portal, and then launch.

From beginning to end the project took approximately 18 months to launch, which is about right for the financial sector.

Also, I must add that any and all information here are my own personal thoughts and are in no way reflective or supported by Delaware Investments or Macquarie Group.