I was brought on board to help drive Intel and HPE‘s Cloud28+ React.js front-end, which had fallen months behind schedule, to completion by their dev team. (The Cloud 28+ platform is a partnership between Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel). The codebase was quite extensive, and already had nearly all the patterns setup. So, this wasn’t a question of designing from scratch, but taking an ocean liner and doing drastic repairs around a huge frame while it was expected at sea three months before.

So, in a relatively short amount of time, we got it turned around so that it was a launch-able product.

Due to the need to support IE 11, and that some of the poly-fills were limited in support, we had to make some interesting coding decisions. The previous code base relied heavily on Promise chains for API integrations and Redux for maintaining state. So even though we ended up with some async issues, my desire to move things to the generator based Redux Sagas wasn’t realistic given the timeframes, and async/await was off the table due to poly-fill challenges.

Overall, I feel the dev team did as much good work as possible despite the deadlines and challenges. We created a nice React.js SPA with a solid administration backend that handles a massive amount of data with a very challenging language translation system as well as permissions.

Thanks to the coding team for their hard work and many late hours getting this ready!