Richard Everts, a company famous for turning down a $2 million offer from Shark Tank, was looking to upgrade its website to a new micro-services architecture and its visual design from circa 2013-2014. The new version of the software would be called V5. In February of 2017, I was brought into the project as one of two React.js front end developers. I would work for 12 months on the product until 1 month after its launch.

Changes I undertook as part of the team
Without giving up too much proprietary information, let’s focus on some key technologies I worked with almost daily for 12 months:

Redux Form
Redux Saga
Jest Snapshots/Enzyme/Mocha
Google Tag Manager (last few months)
By the end of the process, I had worked extensively on nearly every part of the site, with my main contributions taking place in:

Google Visibility containers and components
Damaging Search results containers and components
Social Posts containers and components
Social Images containers and components
Profile forms and logic
Individual action properties steps
Google Tag Manager event tracking
Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the upgrade went. is well positioned in the future as it seeks Series B funding, and should be very happy with the implementation by its dev team despite the various pressures all startups go through. Be sure to check it out!