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Lancaster AI on Why AI Business Are Failing

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Lancaster AI - Ai Businesses Failing

I met a guy once say he walked into a VC meeting in San Francisco, say, “I’m building an AI business”, and walk out with a check for $500,000. I want to punch those people in the face, because when people talk about “bro culture”, these are the idiots the ruin things for everyone else.

The whole point being of course that AI businesses while once a near hit all the time, are beginning to feel the pinch of investors. This is of course what happens with all tech once investors finally start to understand the space a little more.

AI is a misnomer. That is, AI is of course stupid to say, because it’s almost always machine learning, or Deep Learning, so those are very different ideas than AI, which is general intelligence, and currently far out of reach.

So, for Lancaster AI in April, I spoke about some amazing articles describing this phenomenon. Also, the video is below. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Scott Locklin’s post:…

As well as Andreesen Horowitz:…

Some other things discussed included:

Google Mediapipe:

Intel Skeleton Tracking:…