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Lancaster AI on Unity3d and ML-Agents

By April 1, 2020 No Comments

I spoke at Lancaster AI this month on Unity3D and ML-Agents, one of the top game programming platforms in the world along with their agent simulation framework!

This my first foray into the C# world, but I worked with Unity before in some limited capacities. I love Unity because it reminds me aesthetically of Cinema4D, one of the best 3D programs in the world, which I used many years for modeling and renders while at Unilife. I have to say while the types can be challenging at first coming from my strong languages like Python, Ruby, and Javascript, it works well.

I can say that this is an absolutely awesome setup from Unity3d and ML-Agents, I love what they’re doing with ML-Agents in particular. So much so, we’re looking at how this could directly change the future of DRL techniques in business at Sugey.

Here are the links from the lecture:

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