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First Lancaster AI Meetup and My Talk on Perceptrons

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January 2018 Lancaster AI Meetup

I was really excited to finally get the Lancaster AI Meetup off the ground! We had a great talk from Wes Roberts on AI at, and I have a talk on perceptrons and neural networks. Feel free to check the January 2018 Lancaster AI Wrap-up for more information .

I’m really happy to try and bring the AI revolution to this part of the country. While I make no claims to be an expert, I know enough to be able to help others in their journey, and they say you don’t know something until you can teach it to someone else! Special thanks to Wes for doing a phenomenal talk, and I can’t wait for next month!

Feel free to check it out, and I’m running the live streams every month!

Rich Everts talk on Perceptrons and an Intro to Neural Networks:

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