CPOSC Presentation on Emotion Recognition AI

By November 4, 2017 171 Comments
Rich Everts speaking at CPOSC

It was a great time to present at the annual 2017 Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference this past week. The title was Real Time Facial Recognition with Keras and Tensorflow. You can find out more about my talk on the CPOSC website, and download my slides. It leaned heavily on work from Adrian Rosebrock and PyImageSearch, who are really some of the best in the business in Computer Vision and AI.

From the talk: Join me as a I show how to take real-time footage of a person and identify an emotional state based on their facial patterns. We’ll discuss a quick setup of Keras, Tensorflow, and the Python environments, as well as training models, feeding the system, and building the neural network from the ground up.

The topic was primarily on AI and emotion recognition using a webcam on your macbook pro. I did the CPOSC talk last year on UI and UX, and since then have gotten much more into Deep Learning and AI with Sugey.

The room was packed, and we’re discussing doing a full on day’s training next year. Should be interesting! Can’t wait!


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