CPOSC 2016 Talk on User Experience for Free

By November 21, 2016 6,901 Comments

I had a great time at the Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference (CPOSC 2016) in Lancaster, PA this past November 19th, 2016. There were some great talks from people from Red Hat, Microsoft, local companies and more. For me, the talks I got to see in my limited time throughout the day was another UX talk by Pete Kistler from, plus a talk by Charlie Reisenger on Open Source in the Penn Manor School District, a talk from the head of C# Corner Mahesh Chand on the Microsoft Hololens and its future (which I’m still high on despite my last Hololens article), and a final discussion by Scott Savage on Middleman, which was interesting to create static sites using a Ruby stack. Congratulations to the organizers for putting together a phenomenal 1 day event.

I had the opportunity to speak on User Experience and gave some tips on user interface fixes, as well as a general understanding of the field itself. It was important for me to cover what a UX person does, since there is a common misperception that we only do visual design and little interactive stuff. I also promised people practical tips on web UI, which I delivered based on a number of data sources. From the feedback I received, people enjoyed the connection of psychology and human-computer interaction, which is what I always try to communicate. Success!

As I mentioned before, there were 2 talks on UX at the open source conference, which was great. The other was by Pete Kistler, one of the co-founders of who are famous for turning down a $2 million bid on Shark Tank. I enjoyed how he brought the understanding of how user data can impact a real world product and the bottom line. Combined, I think we helped bring a general understanding that learning more about your users first-hand makes a better product.

For those that were unable to make it, I put together a video of the presentation here. It’s less then 35 minutes and goes quickly. Enjoy, and I hope to you out next year!



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