Haller Enterprises React.JS Repair Scheduler

Haller Enterprises React.JS Slide 1

The Haller Enterprises React.JS project was something I came into mid-project to help accelerate to completion the Repair flow views. The Sales flow is currently ready, and the Repair flow…

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2018 Launch – React.js Richard Everts, a company famous for turning down a $2 million offer from Shark Tank, was looking to upgrade its website to a new micro-services architecture and its visual design from…

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Unilife 2016 Website Upgrade

Unilife 2016 Website Upgrade

Unilife recently went through a lot of changes and needed to upgrade its website to match its new strategic initiatives. Since I am intimately familiar with the previous site, it made…

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Investment outlook designs for 2015

investment outlook designs

Creating investment outlook designs can be a tricky thing. For the most part, the design has to be extremely conservative, people are coming to get their information and go, and…

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Hapnapp design and development

hapnapp design and development

Hapnapp is a side project I’m working on to create an event experience platform, and this is specifically about Hapnapp design and development. Based on my experiences in the non-profit sector…

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Delinvest.TV was an enormous project to undertake for Delaware Investments, which is part of Macquarie Group.

The initial steps were to convince key stakeholders that a separate video portal was necessary.…

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3D Animation Fly Through

US of Autism 3D Animation flythrough

This is the 1080p Full HD 3D animation for the United States of Autism film and represents the first 2 minutes and 40 seconds of the film. The tools used were…

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Wicked Phoenix and the guru video

Wicked Phoenix and the guru

Wicked Phoenix was an opportunity to do something fun with video.

Sure, this project is for me and was done in some of our spare time, yet we wanted to show you a…

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Securus Systems web design

securus systems design

Securus systems is a leading developer of integrated machine learning and artificially intelligent business systems. For their company launch, they wanted to make an impression to their target audience. We…

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Tommy Foundation Redesign

Tommy Foundation redesign

As the Tommy Foundation continues to grow, it needs a website that better captures it’s excitement and market. As the VP or Marketing and TEch, I decided it was time…

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