The Labyrinth and the Five Ways of the Wide Stack Digitalist

wide stack digitalist

The mystical world of digital media and technology is becoming exponentially more complex for a wide stack digitalist. Experts push deeper and further into their silos filled with technical jargon,…

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The Secret to Launching an App with No Experience or Time

launching an app github

Have you ever dreamed of successfully launching your own web app, the next Facebook, Uber, or AirBnB? After hearing that WhatsApp was initially purchased for almost $16 billion, then $19 billion,…

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Top 3 User Experience Lessons Learned at Noble Desktop

noble desktop

I (Rich) had the recent opportunity to take the 4-Day User Experience (UX) course at Noble Desktop in NYC. Starting with the task of identifying your “It” factor and following…

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Muses of Inspiration

Muses of Inspiration Alice in Chains

Let me tell you a story about some muses of inspiration.

The start of inspiration
In college, I was working with a study group on some artificial intelligence programming and we were…

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